Please wear clothing appropriate for a spiritual setting. We suggest comfortable and loose fitting clothing. The following items are not permissible: revealing, provocative or extremely tight-fitting clothing such as spandex, tights or yoga pants, tank tops, tube tops, ripped t-shirts or jeans, exposed shoulders, short shorts, crop tops, graphic tees or shirts referencing drugs, alcohol, sex and/or illegal activity.

Hats are prohibited in the church. The floors with rooms, house both males and females, so be sure you bring appropriate attire for trips to and from the showers. If you are in doubt about what clothing is appropriate, please contact us before you pack. Bring a jacket or sweater in case you find the air-conditioned areas uncomfortable.

*Note: if you plan to attend Sunday Mass following the retreat, please wear your “Sunday Best.” Collared shirts with tie and slacks are suggested for males and dresses/skirts for females. Dress shoes are appropriate for the Sunday service.

Room Assignments

Room assignments are completed before the retreat and cannot be changed at the retreat center. If you have a specific roommate request, let us know early. If not, we will choose and assign you a roommate. Men and women may room together if they request it in advance on their registration form. Guest rooms have individual air-conditioners.


Retreatants who wish to smoke may do so only on the balcony or outside the building. Retreatants may not smoke or vape anywhere inside the buildings. The Abbey utilizes laser light smoke detectors and vaping will set off the detectors. If this happens, they charge a $500 fine. All cigarette butts must be properly disposed of in the ash cans provided.


Five meals are provided at the Abbey: dinner Friday evening, breakfast, lunch, and dinner Saturday and Sunday breakfast. The monks live a simple life and their diet is reflective of that principle.  If you require a special diet, please do not hesitate to bring your own food. There are refrigerators and microwaves available. Snacks are provided during the Friday and Saturday coffee breaks.

All meals are meetings, so even if you do not wish to eat, you need to show up and fill your place at the meal-meetings. Please DO NOT LEAVE the retreat. This is a small retreat, and when someone leaves, it interrupts the intimate retreat experience for the other attendees.  Dining room seats are chosen at random by the placing of nametags before each meal. Moving nametags is a no-no. Food and/or drinks are not permitted in guest rooms.